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Jay DeMarcus

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Vocals, bass, guitar, keyboards, mandolin and more


Jay was in a pop Christian music duo called East to West.
Jay and East to West member Neal Coomer were college roommates.
Jay does impressions of Robert De Niro and Casey Kasem.
Jay wants to try acting in a comedy.
Joe Don and Jay met while both were members of Chely Wright's band.
Jay co-wrote Chely Wright's single, "Jezebel," with Marcus Hummon, who he wrote "It's Not Just Me."
Jay's and Gary's middle name is Wayne.
Jay had to get hair extensions to read for a part in a movie.
Jay was Chely Wright's band leader. 
Jay and Gary engineered Michael English's CD, Gospel.
Jay produced "Gospel."
Jay is a Civil War buff.

<Given name: Stanley W. DeMarcus, Jr.
>Birthdate: April 26, 1971
<Education: Tree of Life, Lee University
>Family: Parents Wayne and Caron, sister Tiffany
<Married?: Just Married!!
>Pets: Golden Retriever (Abby)
<Instruments Played: Piano, bass, drums, and guitar
>Favorite Sport: Football
<First Musical Performance: Talent show in 5th grade
>First Song Ever Full Learned: One Drop (Gospel Song)
<First Paying Music Job: Church
>First Paying Non Music Job: Construction: Glaziers' local 372
<Goals: I want to produce records and help others get a shot like Mila Mason helped us.
>Height/Weight: 6'/180 lbs.
<Color Of Hair/Eyes: Brown hair/Blue eyes
>I Never Leave Home Without....: My cell phone
<Influences: David Foster, Chicago, Merle Haggard, Shenendoah, Diamond Rio and Restless Heart
>Hobbies and Collections: Movie, movies, movies! Collect watches and war books (history buff)
<Favorite Songs You've Written: North of the Sky, Still In Love, Not Just Me and Heaven Listens
>Favorite Songs Written By Others: Misery & Gin and Ghost in this House
<Favorite Singers: Marty Raybon, George Jones, and Merle Haggard
>Favorite Songwriters: Hugh Prestwood, Marcus Hummon, and Gary Burr
<Favorite Books: Citizen Soldiers by Steven Ambrose
>Favorite Movie: Saving Private Ryan
<Favorite Actor & Actress: Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan
>Favorite Food & Drink: Pizza and Coke
<Favorite Snack: Doritos, Reese's Pieces, and M&M's
>Favorite Ice Cream: Vanilla
<Favorite Sports Teams: Cincinatti Bengals, Atlanta Braves and Chicago Bulls
>Favorite Tennis Shoes: Nike Air
<Favorite Restaurant: Amerigo's Italian
>Favorite Place: My house
<Favorite Color: Black and royal blue
>Pet Peeve: People who talk on their cell phones while you're trying to talk to them