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Joe Don Rooney

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Electric, acoustic, mandolin and bass guitar


As a child, Joe Don used to be called "Joey."
Joe Don is always late.
Joe Don constantly brushes his teeth.
Joe Don was born in Kansas, but raised in Oklahoma.
Joe Don played the Opry and the Ryman his first week in Nashville as part of Chely's band.
A critic called "Joe Don Rooney" the countriest name in country music.
Joe Don is a really good golfer and scored a hole in one.
Joe Don was supposed to accompany his sister Kelly on guitar at brother Mike's wedding (about 10 years ago), but didn't because he was afraid to sing in front of his family and friends. (say it with me...Awww)
Joe Don wrote "Like I Am" for his girlfriend. (once again, plz,...Awww)

~Given name: Joe Don Rooney
~Birthdate: September 13, 1975
~Family: Parents Windell and Jo Rooney, siblings Robin, Kelly, and Mike
~Married:He's not married but taken
~Pets: Minature Dachsund hound named Jack (Sajak)
~Instruments Played: Electric, acoustic, mandolin and bass guitar
~Favorite Sport: Basketball and golf-it's a tie!
~First Paying Music Job: A Christmas party in high school
~First Paying Non Music Job: Oklahoma Ice House
~Goals: To stay as excited as I am now-about music and my career-for the rest of my life
~Height/Weight: 6'2"/180 lbs.
~Color Of Hair/Eyes: Blonde-brown hair/Green eyes
~I Never Leave Home Without....: My golf clubs and guitar picks
~Influences: Music..Vince Gill, Chet Atkins, Stevie ay Vaughn, Steve Wariner, Merle ~Haggard, Steve Gaines. Truthfulness and honesty- my father. On God and life- my mother. On music-all of my family members
~Hobbies and Collections: Score cards from a ton of golf courses
~Favorite Songs You've Written: 1/2 That Makes Me Whole and How Do You Feel
~Favorite Songs Written By Others: The Dance (Garth Brooks) and Colder Than Winter (Vince Gill)
~Favorite Singers: Vince Gill, Martina McBride and Diamond Rio
~Favorite Songwriters: Merle Haggard and Kim Williams
~Favorite Books: Where The Red Fern Grows
~Favorite Movie: Sommersby
~Favorite Actor & Actress: Kevin Spacey and Jodie Foster
~Favorite Food & Drink: Cheese pizza and water
~Favorite Snack: Dried fruit
~Favorite Ice Cream: Butter Pecan         
~Favorite Sports Teams: Kansas City Royals and the Tennessee Titans (but I've loved the Dallas Cowboys ever since I was a child)
~Favorite Tennis Shoes: Reebok
~Favorite Restaurant: Ichiban Japanese Restaurant in Nashville (sushi)
~Favorite Place: Ireland (someday I'll visit)
~Favorite Color: Emerald green
~Pet Peeve: Low volume music (has to be loud!)